UV Protective Clothing

In the Caribbean, it is easy to get sunburned, and that can make for a miserable vacation. Forget about getting a tan and protect your skin.

Sunscreen can wear off, so the second layer of defense is UV protective clothing, sometimes called “rash guards.”




A light-weight long-sleeved shirt is perfect for layering over a T-shirt for boating or hiking. Find a shirt that buttons up (it doesn't have to be buttoned, just slip it oveer a shortsleeved shirt to make some shade). A pullover will be too hot. For pants, look for convertibles. Zip on the legs to block sun or bugs.


For swimming, companies like Coolibar make protective clothing for wearing over a swimsuit. Look for a long-sleeved knit top or go for the thigh-length surfer look. Make sure to rinse swimwear in fresh water before drying it. Salt water makes stuff smelly and stiff when it dries.

• Check the tag and look for a UPF rating, which means the clothing will block the sun’s harmful rays.

• UPF 30 is good. UPF 50 is even better.

• Remember that the weather is hot and humid, so buy loose clothing.

• Kids should have a long-sleeved shirt and long pants made out of lightweight fabrics. They will block the sun and in the evenings keep the mosquitos at bay.

• Clothing only protects the body parts it covers. Don’t forget to use sunscreen on hands, face, and feet.